10 Things I Hate About Summer

Yeah, I’m lucky. I have three creative and fabulous kids and I get to stay home with them all summer. We’ll get that out of the way right now.

I’m going to vent today though and if you don’t like snark, there’s a little “x” in the corner of your screen right now. You know what to do.

Summer is hard and it is all about perspective. I give myself pep talks and try to go with the flow and try to enjoy the mommy moments and the chubby cheeks but summer is hard. They fight and I’m tired and they are little and don’t understand why they need to sleep. So.

Here are 10 Things I Hate About Summer. (I know I’m not alone).

1. I live in the kitchen. They want a minimum of three meals. My desire to feed them healthy, fresh food leaves when I’ve prepared the third meal and the third snack.

Plus, I only attempt taking three of them to the store when I’m well-rested, which I’m not and when I’ve forgotten about the last trip, which I haven’t.

2. Sometimes the older two get up at crazy early hours. I want to appreciate that they leave me to sleep, but one morning Za fed herself chips for breakfast and today she said, “I found out what’s great on cereal. Syrup.” (duh) Plus, they destroy the kitchen which means I’m already behind on the entire day.

3. The television. I hate tv. All those moms and teachers who say tv turns kids’ brains to mush? I’m one of them.

I turn the tv off and dismiss pleas for “one more” most of the day but I need the tv to shower, which I hate because the scenario is this:

The baby naps, or worse, I get the baby (she’s almost two, I need to stop saying that) settled in front of the tv so I can shower, maybe comb my hair. Either way the older kids settle in front of the tv. Fifteen minutes later, I come down and they immediately beg, “the show’s almost over!”

OK. Great. I’ll do laundry/ dishwasher/ sweep. I circle back to the living room, “the next show came on! Please!”

I can scoot them out the door, or leave them planted which means I may get that rush of accomplishment because I actually finished a task.

I really don’t know an alternative because they are not old enough to play outside alone and I want them safe for those fifteen minutes. Plus, they always want to go ‘side and I’m not a fan of ‘side…

4. ‘Side. My husband teases me that I grew up in the country but hate the outdoors. It’s not that. You know those lists that float around Facebook, explaining why mosquitoes like certain people? I am those people, except that I’m not pregnant. And two of my three kids get welts like I do, hard knots the size of quarters.

Do I spray me and the kids? Do I spray the yard? Don’t those chemicals cause cancer? What if the baby chews on her hand after spraying her? I’m thinking all of this while I bat at mosquitoes and guard the end of the driveway.

She gets tired the second we go outside. Then she wants in. and then back out.

She gets tired the second we go outside. Then she wants in. and then back out.

And I will play outside, but it’s not my strength. I prefer to read books but will go outside with them – I know it’s important! But the mud, the filth in my house, the indecisiveness of being in or out, fighting the dog…

5. August. The Doggest. (also see in my blog, “Augie Doggie”). He’s part beagle, which means that his nose rules his life. He takes advantage of the tiny kids and sneaks out the door, only to run wherever he smells something, like something dead in the middle of the road.

Or. (this dog). He runs far away and finds a dead deer, a decomposing something. And messes in it.

So he returns, I scream for the kids not to touch him, I corral three kids, and I tie up the dog who needs cleaned. I’m normally a nice person who brings buckets of warm water outside to wash him but at this point, I need the power of the hose. The other day a neighbor looked over and said, “I think he’s cold.”

photo (57)

Do not be taken by these big brown eyes and long velvety ears like I once was. He rolls in poo.

Yeah, probably.

Moving on.

6. Laundry. Ridiculous amounts of laundry.

7. That damn ice-cream truck.

8. No rules. We have rules, but my kids are no dummies. They know that as a treat they can stay up late, yes they can have ice-cream, and a sleepover on a weeknight. It is what makes summer fun, it is what I hope they remember when they are taking difficult college summer classes.

Za hiding in the closet, escaping bed.

Za hiding in the closet, escaping bed.

It still becomes too much.

9. Dirt everywhere. You would think that playing outside so much would result in a cleaner house than winter. Not true. Taking the shoes off before coming in, washing hands immediately – it doesn’t work.

Za and I picked up the second floor this morning, and already it is disorganized. The kids are home more, but I what are they doing that is so different than weekends?

It must be extra traffic, Augie shedding, that summer equals extra dirt. I don’t know. I am cleaning extra these days and I wish I wasn’t.

10. Zero calm time. Yesterday we went to the water park. My right arm is burnt, except for a a handprint where some sunscreen must have landed. I must have put sunscreen on my left arm but I remember none of it.

Baby selfies. How does she turn on my phone? When does she get my phone?

Baby selfies. How does she turn on my phone? When does she get my phone?

I just got the baby to sleep and am finishing this post I started five hours ago. Ty and Za have wrapped a scarf (they got out all the winter gear while I put the baby to sleep) around my body and are saying, “getty up!”

Za just asked me for the tenth time today when are we going to see the fireworks? And can we go back to the water park?

I told them to pick up and I would read to them. And of course, they want to read ‘side.

OK. I know. The things that drive me crazy today I’ll love tomorrow. In the dead of winter, I’ll long for summer vacation. I’ll miss my babies while they are at school.

But right now, I hate summer.

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4 Responses to 10 Things I Hate About Summer

  1. Brenda Payne says:

    Love your writing and spending the time that it took for IOU to write those ten things. I get one more clearer perspective on your life and I loved it!

  2. Brenda Payne says:

    That’s supposed to be for you to write. How IOU got in there, don’t know.

  3. Christa says:

    I am also s mosquito magnet and wish I would have put that into consideration before moving into a wooded lot. This means I can only be outside in the heat of the day or itch for a week. Hate it!
    Also, I was ALWAYS the one who would rather stay inside and read than be outside playing! Thank you for bravely admitting this and making me feel like I’m not alone. Let’s start a club! ;)

  4. Chris says:

    Summer can be like that! I enjoyed reading this. I also stumbled upon one on Famtivity that has a little “solution” for it, take a look!

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