Love Books Summer Exchange

I participated in The Educators’ Spin On It Love Books Summer Exchange Program. We got a new book and had FUN activities! 

I lucked out and heard about this program where bloggers could trade a kids’ book and activity with another family. I signed up and was paired with Books, Babies, and Bows. A few weeks later, Ty, Za, and C.J. got this amazing box in the mail:

photo 1 (25)

That box is brimming with potential! PLUS -the kids were excited because the book was Mercy Watson Thinks Like a Pig.

photo 2 (24)

We’ve read several Mercy Watson books, and a pig who talks and eats toast and causes trouble makes for a fun afternoon of reading. (If you have never read about this special pig, you should check out Mercy’s silly owners and Deckawoo Drive).

One of our activities was to summarize as we read. Instead of writing on plain paper, we had note cards and markers.

photo 5 (4)

The activity was adjustable for different ages. Ty could write sentences and Za could draw pictures to summarize. Of course Ty drew pictures too, because who can resist drawing a pig?

photo 4 (10)

We stopped every ten pages or so and made a card that reflected what we read. We also decided ahead of time what each person would draw so that we had a cohesive summary. We displayed our finished product on a rope with clothespin – making this activity more fun than what mom ever plans for the kiddos.

photo 2 (26)         photo 1 (27)

I won’t spoil the book too much, but basically, Mercy is a pig who has a neighbor who wishes she did not have a pig next door. Mercy eats the neighbor’s flowers, and trouble ensues, with Mercy coming out triumphant. And in all of Mercy’s books, she eats buttered toast. This pig loves buttered toast. So…

photo 1 (26)

Our next activity was to make homemade butter! (The kids still talk about this!)

photo 2 (25)

We used heavy whipping cream, a glass jar, and a dash of salt.

photo 3 (11)

Then, we shook and shook it!

photo 4 (11)

After about twenty minutes, we poured our butter into coffee filters (buttermilk was at the bottom).

photo 5 (5)

It felt different than butter we buy at the store, and we discussed different processes and ingredients. It was a wonderful addition to the story, a fabulous science addition.

Ta-da! Buttered toast like Mercy.

photo (56)

We had so much fun getting a box in the mail with a NEW book and SURPRISE activities. The kids adore getting mail, and this will probably be a favorite summer memory. Thanks to The Educators’ Spin On It for matching me with Books, Babies, and Bows  . (Go check out her blog – she’s awesome!)

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2 Responses to Love Books Summer Exchange

  1. Jenny H says:

    Oh, I had so much fun reading this, and your kids are adorable. I will be posting about the awesome book and activity you sent us later this week.

    • says:

      Thank you! We had a blast and the kids really do love those Mercy books. A pig who eats toast is too much for little kids.

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