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January is over, and so is the Everyday Math Series, so I want to top it all off with Switching Classroom’s math review ideas. 


Years ago, I wrote about the mathematical-logical intelligence. I always believed math was important to my children’s lives and wanted to spend time with them and math. Sure, we did puzzles. I didn’t have a plan or concrete ideas, though.

I made January my month to really push teaching math everyday, at home, everywhere. My goal was to find math in normal places to show my kids that math is not some abstract concept. As an English teacher, I know that I read enough to my kids. I want to incorporate enough math into their lives too.

Teaching math in the everyday included:

Building Blocks

photo (22)

Painting Patterns


Counting with Babies


Teaching Fractions


Of course, I had to analyze potential strengths and weaknesses of teaching math at home. I considered my poor math grades and how that experience shapes me as a parent; ways that my children see or don’t see my husband and me using math at work; and how society, teachers, parents, and everyone we know may consciously or inadvertently treat boys and girls differently in the arena of math work.

I needed fresh math review ideas too. In searching for activities and everyday math I had not considered, I found other great bloggers with their own posts for math review online. In no particular order, I found these links full of ideas that I’ve bookmarked for further use:

Afterschool for Smarty Pants has 100 Ways to Make Math Fun at Home. Pretty explanatory, and she’s speaking to my heart – making learning a part of everyday conversations.

Teach Them To Fly created snowmen by counting snowballs in plastic bottles. This includes recycling, and minimal messes. My two youngest kids did this earlier this week and since it incorporated fine motor skills, I know C.J. and I will do it again.

There’s Just One Mommy has a monster counting activity. One of my favorite realistic and down to earth blogger connections, One Mommy, does not have printables (I have only a broken printer) or activities with tons of prep time. For instance, this activity is simple, almost no prep, and effective. My kids think monsters are funny, and googly eyes are even better.

I hope these math review ideas are helpful to you. January is always a long month, and I’m glad I started the year off with math because I needed some time to think through our math review ideas.

Please, if you have other fabulous math resources, add them in the comments! My readers and I would love to have math review ideas in one spot.

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6 Responses to Math Review Ideas

  1. Thank you for mentioning our snowman project! I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

    Jennifer Burns
    Teach Them To Fly

  2. Thank you for including our Monster Math activity! We have had lots of fun counting out the monster eyes!

  3. Great round up! Thanks for including my post!

  4. Lisa Nelson says:

    I love that you are making an effort. Math is so important – really. Even if we don’t use it in our jobs, it’s still important. There are a lot of things that I don’t use, but knowing it makes me more well rounded – as a person. In my opinion, using the excuse of I don’t see mommy or daddy doing it, doesn’t hold weight. Mom and dad have different interests than the kids might have. Just because mom or dad don’t use it doesn’t mean that the kids shouldn’t learn or won’t be interested.

    Thanks so much for all the excellent resources. I’m pinning this post!

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