SAHM Lifehack: Week Five

Welcome to week five of the SAHM Lifehack series where we are currently discussing the to-do and to-don’ts of SAHM schedules. 

January is over! Shocking. Anyway, this is the fifth installment in the SAHM Lifehack series.

Last week I explained why I believe in three degrees of SAHM schedules: concrete, medium, and loose. Concrete (broken down by the hour, sometimes more) is not for me. My kids need more flexibility and when I tried to stick to a schedule, everyone was unhappy.

A loose schedule is currently my back-up, emergency, I’m-tired-and-the-kids-are-sick schedule. I force myself to accomplish certain, important tasks. When I had two kids under two (shudder), this loose schedule was what worked.

Now that I have more tricks and understand the needs of my family and house better, I use a medium schedule.


For a medium schedule, decide what what needs done, and what makes the most sense for you and your family. The key to the medium schedule is that you must be flexible with your specific goals within your allotted time period. 

During my first SAHM Lifehack post, I stated:

Every morning, I come downstairs with my three kids. I make coffee, start breakfast (multiple orders), drink my coffee, serve breakfast, drink more coffee, and unload the dishwasher.

I don’t walk downstairs and turn the coffeemaker, start breakfast, drink coffee, do the dishwasher, and wash faces.

I do all of that, in whatever order the day requires.

Before I was a mom, before I had two kids, I could have written my morning ritual in stone. I may be able to do that again someday but earlier today and tomorrow, I will accomplish all of those goals, in whatever order the kids and I need.

I also will not worry that if this ritual lasts 45 minutes or an hour. I know that Ty needs to be at the door by 8 for the bus, and Za needs to be in the van by 8:15 for preschool. If we have extra minutes, that’s great. If we don’t, I know that those huge three chores will be checked off my list.

That is the start of my medium SAHM schedule, but more thinking and analyzing goes into it that what appears.

Think of these ideas: What must be done in certain hours of your day? Does every hour need to have goals? Think about those must-do items and when you need to do them. If you enjoy having free hours, consider that as well.

Next week, we will discuss making the schedule that will allow you to succeed as a SAHM.

This is the end of our first month for the SAHM Lifehack series. I like getting feedback that other moms understand or that I have helped them! That makes me giddy. To the new SAHM or someone who has never stayed home with kids, this might seem like a dumb concept – to have 52 weeks of a SAHM Lifehack series.

I have to tell you though, I wonder if 52 weeks will be enough time!

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